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Beardyman – I Done a Album

Alyson Cocker


The highly anticipated Beardyman album is here but will it live up to all the hype?  I have been an admirer of Beardyman since I first heard his beatbox style on BBC6 music and was personally quite excited when it was rumoured the “king of sound and the ruler of beats,” was finally making a release.

Previously Beardyman is known as a live act musically and comically. A solo player recognised for his beatboxing stylie, I Done A Album proves there is much more to him than meets the eye. Unique in the way it addresses many musical influences, tracks such as Twist Your Ankal take you on a comedic journey, and in this case the listener is transported into a David Attenborough type documentary within the African savannah.  The voice over sets the scene of the animal known as Beardyman stalking a tune which is unaware it is about to be created, then the song kicks into a very rhythmic African melody.  The album doesn’t take itself too seriously which was clearly the intention Beardyman had from the beginning with song titles such as Blind Rabbits, Gonna Be Sick and Game Over (Latex Quim).

The track Vampire Skank, which begins by leading you into a false sense of comic Eastern European security, then drops some hard dubstep beats to make your ears wobble in a most enjoyable way.  The song Oh! features the vocal delights of Foreign Beggars with a very Bollywood influence to the track, ensuring the album has a very diverse feel throughout and will appeal to many.  Where Does Your Mind Go was the first song to be released from the album and demonstrates that Beardyman is a force to be reckoned with, housed with bass throbbing dirty beats.

Beardyman is quoted as saying “no pretext, no agenda, just music as I’d like to hear it, as eclectic as my Ipod shuffle,” and with various influential music genres such as breaks, dubstep, electro, disco, drum & bass, Bollywood, African and Eastern European all present, his first album certainly lives up to this promise.