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Big Deal – Lights Out

Lisa Bentley


September 5th sees the release of Lights Out, the debut album from Big Deal, a recent addition to the currently trending boy/girl group.  It is with a quiet curiosity, introspective lyrics that drip with melancholia and angst that we get the first full block feel for what Big Deal are all about.  It is almost emo-indie, if ever a genre were to exist then this is firmly where the album should be placed.

Due to the lack of instrumentation on the album – all tracks featuring electric and acoustic guitar at the forefront of the melodies – the sparsely layered music is accompanied by the two part harmonies from Alice Costello and KC Underwood.  The vocals form the general mood of the album, with that which has become the bands trademark stoicism and downhearted delivery.  Underwood’s vocals ground the music whilst it is the simple sweetness of Costello’s voice which lifts it from a darker scene.

The disconsolate lyrics portray love at its least paradisaical, the sorrow and grief build to an almost overwhelming pain.  The album is chockfull of resignation of how a broken heart should feel, and rather than be able to cope and handle these feelings Costello and Underwood have cocooned themselves in this little private world and wrote about them instead.

Album opener Distant Neighbourhood quickly immerses you into the despondency of broken relationships with lyrics “I can’t make you stay if you want to be alone/now there is nothing left to do but watch you go” throwing you into this soft focus Polaroid of sadness.

The 12 song album carries on in much the same way with clever yet unassuming turns of phrase and sweeping sorrow and torment.  Previous release Talk and soon to be released Chair naturally don the track listing, however Big Deal have a lot to offer and this album is just a toe dip into their pool of creativity and musical wisdom.

My one lament – where was this album when I was young and in love?