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Black Books – Black Books

Laura Lloyd


Black Books have been storming US blog sites for quite a while now with many comparisons to the likes of Band of Horses and the iconic Pink Floyd being thrown around. Hailing all the way from Texas the band of five are well known for their stripped back and light indie music sound, the sound that is so raw and simple it is as though they are playing live in your house.

The first track Favourite Place opens with traditional heavy indie drum beats, a slow tempo combined with dreamy lyrics, which can be assumed are typically about a girl. It gives high hopes for what is to come from the album. Opening on a ‘feel good’ vibe gives the album the relaxation factor and it is clear right from the off why this band have caused so much hype around the US.

In My Arms is a sombre, slower track which can be picked out from the album, the one song that gives the album that slightly depressing and sad edge that every indie band seems to revel in. The song picks up the pace towards the end but still maintains a sort of whiney effect which compliments the song and the lyrics perfectly as it sounds raw and meaningful.

The seventh track Rain Dance provides a light and dreamy feel. With the tinkling of the guitar strings and the softness of lead singer, Ross Gilfillan, voice seeping through the speakers, it is easy to close your eyes and drift away with this track. It’s simple but not boring and with the crescendo midway through the song, it quickly turns into an exhilarating example of music.

This album is a sure bet to be on repeat, the ending leaves you begging for more as it is so easy to drift off to. The soft and dreamy lyrics and beats carry you along and each track seems to slide as smooth as velvet into one another. It is a breathtaking album and is an impressive example from a small town indie band, bigger things are definitely on the horizon.