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Black Casino and the Ghost – Falling Into Pieces

Lisa Bentley

Black Casino and the Ghost

Seeing a girl front a rock band consisting mainly of the XY chromosome is nothing new. It has been done plenty of times before and will no doubt be done again. Black Casino and the Ghost are the latest band to use this formula, however besides the visual description it is quite difficult to sum up the just exactly what the band are about. Eclectic is a poor but fitting expression to describe BC&TG because Falling Into Pieces, the band’s debut release doesn’t really play by the conventional rules.

The five track EP subtly traverses over the many layers of rock music, often with soulful, screamo and ska tints used to colour the songs. You are constantly kept on your toes wondering what the next track will deliver or be compromised of.

At the forefront of the music is the powerful vocal of lead singer Elisa Zoot whose voice is distinct yet rather contradictorily puts you in mind of various other singers. At certain moments she has a quality and tone similar to Gwen Stefani and at other times you can hear a Karen O influence – albeit the rockier side to the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s singer. The softer character is uniquely Zoot’s and this release would possibly have benefitted from more of this style. Essentially BC&TG are a rock outfit so the songs recorded where potentially a stylistic choice.

The stand out track (and most memorable from first listen) is the title track Falling Into Pieces. Zoot belts out the power notes with the ease of a seasoned professional and really makes the track come alive. From this track onwards we begin to see the diversity that BC&TG have to offer as track two El Luchador employs folksy instrumentation not akin to rock music but amalgamated seamlessly with the moxie vocals.

Altogether this is a sassy EP with plenty of attack and BC&TG are most definitely a rock act to keep an eye on.