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Boat To Row – Crossroads EP

Simi Bhullar


Though avidly searching for information on Boat To Row, I’m astounded to find very little considering their effortlessly energetic, natural sound. Guitarist and lead singer Michael King fronts this five piece folk assembly, with his more than impressive, nimble finger picking, as they tally up the live show venues, playing at the likes of Dot-to-Dot, Moseley Folk and other festivals around the UK.

I’m taken back to my school days with A Book, A Bike, A Joy as King leads us on a nostalgic path to the easy days of youth and I let my mind wander as he romantically sings of the simple treasures in life. Particularly suiting of this time of year is Higham Hill which I find myself listening to whilst in the confines of my large duvet and thanking the stars that I’m warm, though secretly longing for the next falling of snow.

My only problem with this EP is that it’s not an album. I’m left feeling like a teased cat with what’s to come dangled in front of my face only to be snatched away at the last minute. Unfortunately there aren’t many upcoming opportunities to see them live either, though I don’t doubt that the release of this EP will change that.