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Born Blonde Interview November 2011

Catherine May


With high praise from Zane Lowe and The Guardian, Born Blonde are beginning to make waves in the Indie scene. We caught up with Arthur Delaney from the band to get his impressions of how everything’s going…

MTTM: How would you describe your sound?

Arthur Delaney: A dream within a dream within a dream.

MTTM: What’s the one thing you’d most like to achieve in your musical career?

AD: I think that every band sets out to show people their way of seeing, so we just want to reach people and be there in their moments.

MTTM: And what’s been the highlight so far?

AD: I think that would have to be making our record. There have been some times in the studio, when we are really inside a song, when it all just seems to make sense to us. These are the times that we live for.

MTTM: Who’s been your biggest influence?

AD: We tend to draw from a wide range of things when we are creating so we are always looking out. It would be impossible to say that one thing alone has been our biggest influence but anything that has depth and that takes us somewhere tends to be absorbed and reprocessed. We have all been brought up on the masters: Dylan and Pink Floyd etc but lots of my lyrics are inspired by films, books or murmurs of conversation that I have heard or been sent.

MTTM: You’ve been compared a lot to The Stone Roses, are you excited about their new gigs? Have you tried blagging yourselves a support slot?

AD: Yeah it’s good to see them getting things rolling again but we’re not too fussed. As I said, we are influenced by lots of different things and our record has a diversity that perhaps people haven’t heard yet. We can afford not to play on those parallels.

MTTM: With Zane Lowe already championing your sound, do you think now’s the time for Radio Bliss to live up to its name?

AD: We are just putting out songs we believe in so all the support we get on the back of that means a lot to us. The song was actually inspired by a book by Olaf Stapledon called ‘Star Maker’. It has a passage where a race of intelligent creatures chOose to receive their whole life through a thing called ‘taste radio’. The metaphor resonated with the way we see ourselves and humanity in general; so its one of those songs that can mean a different thing to each of us.

MTTM: Can we expect a national tour from you anytime soon?

AD: When we have wrapped up our record then we will be definitely getting out there.

MTTM: What’s next for you?

AD: We’ve got a couple of London shows, some more recording and we are working on a concept for our next video. Our next show is at Notting Hill Arts Club on the 8th of November.