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BOY – Mutual Friends

Lisa Ward


Silky vocals, atmospheric harmonies and confessional lyrics are 3 things that in my mind generally equate to a solid album, and thankfully Mutual Friends is no exception. Whilst Drive Darling is a catchy number, it’s Skin which first saw me fall in love with the duo; its pounding drum beat combining with emotive lyrics are likely to appeal to anyone who’s ever felt like an outsider. Meanwhile This Is The Beginning will resonate with everyone who’s ever moved.

Lyrics aside, the music ranges from more acoustic offerings, most notably in Army, to more drum and guitar heavy numbers such as Waitress. With an abundance of musical layers, it’s an intricate and varied album, with enough weight to carry it through and though it’s not as heavy as their live performances this is in no way a bad thing. Whether it’s the wry Boris or the more heartfelt Waltz for Pony, Steiner and Glass combine observational lyrics with interesting musical arrangement, creating an album which straddles the folk and pop genres with masses of appeal.

There are some album releases which are filled with so much grandeur, that by the time they drop you’re already bored, and others which sneak in unexpectedly, despite an abundance of noteworthy tracks. For BOY, Mutual Friends certainly falls into the latter camp, an understated grower which will seep inside your head, creating several earworms before long. In short, it’s a charming offering which is long overdue it’s release in the UK. Radio friendly summer listening, with poetic points of reference, which sadly will probably never hit the waves of Radio 1.


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