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Bring Me The Horizon – Post Human: Survival Horror EP

Carrie Humphries


If there is any release of 2020 that sums up the year so far in all of its dark horror, then Bring Me The Horizon have certainly hit the nail on the head with their latest EP. Post Human: Survival Horror is a furious battle cry against 2020, and it’s time to listen and unleash hell!

Following the quintet’s largely electronic sound on their previous release Amo, the band have returned to their alternative rock and metalcore roots for Survival Horror, with some glances back to the Nu-Metal sounds of the early noughties.

EP opener Dear Diary explodes into your ears with blisteringly speedy thrash beats and riffs, as front man Oli Sykes’ ferocious vocals capture the frustrations of many during this year’s lockdowns. Meanwhile, nu-metal inspired Teardrops also shows another dark side to mental health; depression, with Oli telling us that “the emptiness is heavier than you think”.

If I had heard Parasite Eve or Obey prior to this year, then I would have said that there was an element of nightmarish dystopia to both tracks; however, it is 2020 and somehow they both feel so relevant. Parasite Eve has electronic, pulsating beats, tribal chanting and robotic vocals and asks a powerful question; “When we forget the infection, will we remember the lesson?” Whereas Obey features YUNGBLUD’s thorny vocals in a song about leadership corruption.

After a brief interlude in track 5; Itch For The Cure, the band seem to flick a switch to a different vibe for the second half of the EP. Kingslayer is a catchy drum and bass storm of a song which Pendulum would be proud of, and features perfect J-Metal vocals from BABYMETAL. 1×1 follows this, which showcases some wonderful dual vocals from rising talent Nova Twins; however, the track seems to lack the punch of the rest of the EP.

Ludens may be an older track (from 2019); but it seems to have eerily predicted current times, which I’m guessing is why they have included it on the new EP. The song talks about human-kind losing the personal connection through living in a more technological world, and the lyrics “How do I form a connection when we can’t even shake hands?” seem ridiculously apt now.

One Day The Only Butterflies Left Will Be In Your Chest As You March Towards Your Death features Amy Lee from Evanescence and closes the EP. Although it is a completely different pace from the rest of the record, I feel that the band saved their most majestic song for last. It is a spine-chilling ballad about the darker side to love and relationships, and would not sound out of place on a movie soundtrack. Ending abruptly; it leaves you wanting more, and with Bring Me The Horizon planning for this to be the first of four ‘Post Human’ EPs, more is exactly what we can expect.


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