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Cage The Elephant – Melophobia

Laura Lloyd


The four-piece from Kentucky have pinged back onto the music scene with new album Melophobia which boasts a vibrant mishmash of blues, hip hop, alternative rock and indie vibes.

First track Spiderhead had me hooked from the get go. When the song had finished I found myself quickly hitting replay. With its somewhat 60’s beat and vintage sound, it is a chirpy and wonderful way to open the album. It is a delight to the ears and is guaranteed to have you still singing along to the chorus long after the album has finished.

Take It or Leave It has a more funky vibe to it. Matthew Shultz’ voice is impeccable and works in glorious harmony with the groovy beats. The song holds the foot tapping, head bobbing factor that Cage The Elephant are so well known for. Hypocrite is by far my personal favourite from the album. Choosing to tone it down slightly with a repetitive backing 60’s-esque beat and beautiful lyrics, it was the stand out track from the rest of the album. From start to finish the song is a harmonic adventure; starting off simple, building up and finally finishing with simple drum beats before silence. It’s certainly a must listen.

Cigarette Daydreams is a dreamy, beautiful mixture of acoustic guitars, plain drumbeats and angelic voices telling the tale of a beautiful girl (as would be expected), but unlike stereotypical love songs this one has a cheery, catchy backdrop to it and seems to tell the tale of love, not love lost.

Melophobia is an outstanding album overall, not one track was a disappointment to listen to. Every song was a gift to the ears. If there is one album that is guaranteed to make things look a little better, and maybe even brighten up a dull day, this is it.