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Cassettes Won’t Listen – Evinspacey

Sarah Tyler


One man bands conjure images of a guy with a harmonica tapped to his face and cymbals strapped to his knees, however solo multi-instrumentalist DJ Jason Drake who forms the complex sound that is Cassettes Won’t Listen is fascinating and experimental in a different way. Long since the ignorance of mistaking electronic music for Nintendo’s this album crosses the boundaries of indie/dance and dubstep.

In true vane of this arty experimentalism his retro geek style is pre pictured in your mind without having ever seen him e.g. signature stubble and black plastic glasses.  The album is slightly replicative of underground clubs or chasing colour on a dance floor, however it does cause dancing style difficulty… Maybe that growing case of staring at the ground grabbing your head and making robot style movements?

The hot chip influenced track Runtime being a shining example of this. Further in depth this album is a music technician and Dj’s dream as far as technique is concerned, well depending on perfectionist objection otherwise ignorance is bliss. Drake’s elusive Brooklyn vocals compliment the sweetly falling digital beats, layering, looping and memorable lines resonating throughout this fantastic 3rd album. His vocal ability is particularly prominent in predicted single release with chart topping ability Wave to the Winner.

Personally the most emotionally provoking track on the album is Harp Darkness an instrumental piece, with a combination of haunting classical piano and randomised electronic samples throughout. Latest release The Echoes is a space age style masterpiece, slightly psychedelic in feeling surrounding the confusing common place motions of heartbreak, yet still remaining ironically uplifting. A rise in recognition is truly deserved for this immensely talented musician.