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The Cellophane Flowers – If I Was A Girl EP

Nichola Eastwood


Those of you who adored the quirky, alternative pop of The Cranberries, sit up and pay attention!  The Cellophane Flowers are about to become your new favourite band.  Melodic, retro pop rounded off with Italian front woman, Francesca Corradini’s, raw and distinctive vocals, If I Was A Girl is a guaranteed summer soundtrack.

Opening track Yes I Am makes an impressive start to this five song effort and, frankly, alongside album closer, Count Me In, is the best moment on the record.  Francesca’s vocals ring out like a banshee over Ian Sumner’s sinister, moody guitar.  Yes I Am not so much eases us in as kicks and pushes, hissing and spitting all the while.  Be warned though, it’s about as hard as this band get, those expecting more of the same will be sorely disappointed. 

Freeze Me and If I Was A Girl form a double bill of sunny, retro pop.  Ian’s guitar sounds as though it’s resting in a hammock somewhere while Francesca’s vocals give the band’s sound a razor sharp edge preventing this cloud of breezy pop from floating off into bland obscurity.  The Cellophane Flowers prove themselves masters of a catchy chorus here, both tracks will dupe you into an absent minded humming session with little difficulty. 

Francesca’s vocals soften and adopt a sweet note for It’s A Beautiful Lie, far from letting the track down, this serves only to emphasise the easy going, melodic guitar and subtle drumming courtesy of Nick Guy.  At this point you find yourself appreciating what a diverse bunch The Cellophane Flowers really are.  This sampler winds down with the darkest moment to be found on the record, Count Me In.  Haunting guitar and vocals verging on the mournful, it’s an end not to be forgotten and will doubtless leave The Cellophane Flowers name etched firmly into your mind.