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Chickenhawk – Modern Bodies

Christelle Kelley


I’ve been listening to this album in great detail for a few days now. As a result my Gibson has been detuned, my neighbours possibly hate me and fellow drivers give me strange looks as I relive moshpit memories to a very loud Chickenhawk soundtrack! This is because Chickenhawk seamlessly mix elements of early Deftones with a sprinkling of Hatebreed and then lashings of tight and adventurous originality.

Although I personally wouldn’t have chosen Scorpieau as the opening track for the album, I was swiftly entangled in one of the many stonkin’ riffs Chickenhawk deliver – my favourite of which features in The Letdown. The guitar work on this album is merciless, yet I am so impressed that whilst the album has managed to showcase a mastery of just about every rock guitar technique there is, I’m not forced to battle through an ‘egofest’ of shredding to make it back to the song. No, these guys have an irritatingly clever balance of sounds.

Step up rhythm section Matt Reid and Ryan Clark! It’s as if these guys take you on a rollercoaster ride of various time signatures. Bars of 5 and 6 leave you wondering if these boys are just so rockin’ that even their bars go up to 11!  Then when you think you can’t take any more you’re dropped back into the original groove with a big push from behind. Brilliant.

I simply have to draw your attention to the song NASA Vs ESA. Anyone that can mix the lyrics ‘They went to the moon man, in a tin can, that’s so cool…man’ over a metal soundtrack and make it sound that good gets my vote. For me, the star track on this album is Bottle Rocket. It is relentless, in your face, cleverly organised metal chaos. Modern Bodies is an album with a lot going on, yet no element outbalances the other. For those who like it heavy, it’s time to get this album on your Christmas list. For those of you so Rock n Roll that Santa won’t visit anymore – go and buy it!