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24/02/2016 | City and Colour – O2 Academy, Glasgow

Kimberley Manderson


A cool, crisp February evening seemed like the perfect setting for a live rendition of Dallas Green’s most personal and heartfelt songs. Its a far cry from the Alexosonfire days but it’s one which some may argue resonates on a more personal level.

Ultimately showcasing most recent City and Colour album, If I Should Go Before You, the evening saw a great number of tracks from the record have a live outing. Newer tracks like Northern Blues, Killing Time and Wasted Love peppered the set early on, and were interspersed by older tracks like Hello, I’m in Delaware which all take on their own powerful life when backed by a full band rather than what fans are used to on record.

The gig built up track by track, as if leading to some sort of crescendo of emotion and noise. Unusually, this made the encore section of the show undeniably the best part for all concerned.

Body in a Box was a real highlight of the evening, am acoustic number Green slipped into after proclaiming his love for the fair city of Glasgow. Showing off his harmonica capabilities, the whole acoustic affair put into one track the talent and effect Green has in his City and Colour guise.

As one of the increasingly few musicians who still remembers gigging before absolutely everyone in the crowd watches you through a small, poor quality screen, Dallas urged everyone to put their phones away and have fun anger asking everyone to raise heirs in the air. As most of the crowd obliged (there will always be a handful of fangirls/boys who just can’t accept seeing a great musician live before them and in the moment) he ripped through The Girl.

I hope many of the gig goers there to see City and Colour took Green’s advice beyond the one track, as his songs are enjoyed so much better when you’re there and present in the moment. It’s a cathartic and enjoyable experience getting to see Dallas Green live, and something which everyone should consider putting on their bucket list.