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Claudia Georgette Interview

Catherine May


We caught up with jazz-folk artist Claudia Georgette to talk about inspirations, chat shows and her plans for 2011….

MTTM: You’ve been compared to the likes of Kate Nash and Eliza Doolittle, what inspired you to go down the jazz-folk route?

Claudia: I’m inspired by all sorts of music, anything with soul. I never really set out to achieve a particular sound, it just seemed to develop naturally and it’s still evolving.

MTTM: Your video for Signet Ring looks like it would’ve been fun to film. How much involvement did you have in the creative process of the video?

Claudia: So much fun! I’m a bit of a control freak so I wanted to be involved in all aspects of the creative process. The director, Ricky Lloyd George and I worked really closely together when writing the treatment, a partnership that luckily worked really well because we had the exact same vision and sense of humour. My favourite part was doing the styling, I got to raid my dressing up box- by far my favourite past time!

MTTM: I love the lyrics in Signet Ring for their tongue in cheek humour – where’d you get your inspiration from for the song?

Claudia: Thank you. Well, like the characters in the song, I also went to King’s School Canterbury, so I grew up with slightly less exaggerated versions of these characters. It’s very self aware though, I too had some pretty tragic teenage tendencies of my own- trying to be someone I wasn’t because I thought it was cool.

MTTM: Your inspiration seems to stem from everyday life as is evident in Chat Shows, do you like to write about subjects that listeners can easily relate to?

Claudia: For sure, I think every writer aims to identify with their listeners/readers, so I can only hope that I achieve that somehow.

MTTM: If you were to go on a chat show, what caption would run across the bottom of the screen to describe your story?

Claudia: Good question! ‘ Claudie G On a Mission’, (you can take back that compliment about my sense of humour if you like…!)

MTTM: Last year you performed at the Jazz Café in London, was that an enjoyable venue to perform in? What is your favourite venue you’ve ever played in?

Claudia: It was SO much fun, I love performing with Shlomo and the Vocal Orchestra; they are some of the most talented and inspiring musicians I have ever worked with, and the crowd response is always so exhilarating. It was also such an honour because I’ve been to watch some of my favourite artists like Slum Village, Alice Russell and Talib Kweli perform there, so I felt in very daunting company! 
My favourite venue to perform in, The Soho Revue Bar, is sadly no longer with us!  I loved the slightly seedy red lighting and Music Hall style stage. Hidden behind a door down a shady alley, it felt like a genuine speakeasy, unlike the manufactured, manicured ‘burlesque’ venues popping up all over the place now. It’s such a shame it closed down, but I guess this only adds even more authenticity to its legend.

MTTM: If you could duet with anyone who you feel would compliment your musical style, who would you choose and why?

Claudia: I have always wanted to work with Mos Def. I think a duet is more interesting when there are contrasting vocal styles. Maybe one day…!

MTTM: What does 2011 hold for you?

Claudia: Well 11 is my lucky number so I’m hoping for big things! We’ll have to wait and see, I don’t like to project too much as things never work out quite how you plan them, so I’m taking it one day at a time. But you can expect an E.P release in Spring, and a brand new video very soon…