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Cold Summer – Wake EP

Ruby Butcher


With a band name like Cold Summer, its pretty easy to have some pre-conceptions about what you’re going to hear. A post hardcore/punk band from Wakefield happily provide us with all of our expectations and more. Heavy, yet melodic, this band provides a sound that is nostalgic of much earlier post hardcore, although being only 2 years young. The release of their second EP Wake has bought a whole lot of attention to Cold Summer, and with good reason too.

The first song Waiting gives an almost epic opening to the EP with some irresistible drum beats that get you tapping your toes and bopping your head before you realise what your doing. The title song Wake is pretty much just 50 seconds pure musical emotion, whilst A is for Arson is probably my favourite track from the EP. With dark sultry guitar riffs and a catchy sing-along breakdown which I can only imagine would get a sweaty, excited crowd going “ape shit” at one of their live shows. As for Car Crash (In Progress), I can almost say the same thing, interesting in its structure and catchy as hell.

The EP, although only being 5 songs long with a duration of about 15 minuets, has more of an album feeling to it; even including the classic stand alone ‘slow song’ which is not uncommon to hear in albums by bands of this genre such as Underoath, and Architects. The song in question is called Mistakes, which takes us down a melancholy road of heartache and tinkling guitar riffs, replacing the usual heavy smashing drum sounds with the light shake of a tambourine. Despite being the misfit of the EP, is actually a pretty good song and shows us that this band are not just a one trick pony.