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Collapse Under The Empire – Fragments of a Prayer

Laura Lloyd


Collapse Under the Empire are back with their new ten track album which is filled to the brim with keyboard effects, guitar crescendos and hefty drum beats; fusing together symphony, post-rock and electro. Culminating in an album that can only really be described as a work of art, with one problem – it sounds very much the same as their previous albums.

This release isn’t heavy, just listen to the soft percussion on the track In The Cold and you will understand, within the song you wait and wait for an explosion of sound, a crescendo or a heavy guitar streak…but it just doesn’t come. It leaves the listener with unfulfilled expectations in regards to the song and could also leave them feeling slightly disappointed. As beautiful and as soft as the track is, it’s easy to be tempted to press skip once you are only a minute into it.

180 Seconds has an extremely sci-fi feel to it and is a song that would probably feel more at home on the backing to a space odyssey film rather than on this album. It is, however, incredibly clever as the song not only sounds like it’s related to space in one way shape or form, it also takes you through a journey of your own mind and leads you to a place where everything is peaceful and quiet. It is definitely the track on the album that gets you thinking the most.

Distance, is slow and relaxing and could be a song that could easily take you back to the memory of a loved one. With its keyboard effects and dreamy melody, it is certainly the one song off of the entire album that stands out the most as it is so original and easy on the ears that it can take you away to another universe and make you forget about everything for a little while.

There really isn’t any other artist that would be able to pull off such an eclectic mixture of different sounds like Collapse Under The Empire do. It’s got hints of symphony, hints of post-rock and a constant soft and gentle undertone running through the entire album which makes for an easy and relaxing listen. The only criticism is that a lot of the songs sound the same and some last for over five minutes making the album a little tedious after a while, it’s something that you could put on and possibly forget about until the CD finishes.Nevertheless, Collapse Under The Empire definitely let their musical genius shine through on this album.