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Columbus – Heart Beat in Half Time EP

Becci Stanley


Small time band Columbus, from Brisbane Australia’s debut EP shows why people should keep an eye out for them. Blending the strange mix of punk and melodic instrumentals, this EP is an eclectic mix, and a valiant first release.

First track Loving the Way (It’s Alright) kicks in with the clacking of drum sticks, pure gritty vocals with a steady crescendo of guitar and drums in the background. The bass in this track is most prominent and adds a really edgy, dark tone to this opening track. This contrasts to second track Heart Beat in Half Time which to me, sounds like an early Simple Plan track. It’s somber yet ballsy, melodic with a punky edge, and ultimately it really works.

This leads straight into Make It Shine which shows a lighter side, more like pop-punkers NOFX. The amps are cranked straight up and it’s definitely a track to head bang to and jump around a show to. Despite this it slows down in areas to highlight husky vocal stylings and the feeling behind the words, letting you into the bands passion for music. Scars is similar to first track, not just because of the introductory drum sick clatter, but for the Sex Pistols-esque style riddled throughout it. The song screams anarchy and angst and is an accurate representation of the feeling of punk music.

The EP ends with by slowing things right down for final track Keep Your Friends Close and Your Enemies Even Closer. This song shows a completely different side to the band; it’s slow, heartfelt and incredibly controlled. instead of thrashing instruments, it’s the vocals really bring this track out, and when the instruments do reach a crescendo before crashing back down it highlights the talent within this band.

For a first release, it’s really impressive. Look forward to seeing what these guys can do in the future.