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The Creepshow – Life After Death

Becci Stanley


Who said rockabilly was dead? With the strange mix of ghouls and 50s dames in full swing, straight out of Ontario, Canada come The Creepshow, with a full-blown assault of raging lyrics coupled with instrumentals of the likes, executed astoundingly by saccharine-sweet vocals. With the success of previous album Sell Your Soul under their belt and tours with the likes of Nekromantix, Dreadnoughts and Reverend Horton Heat, what could they possibly pull out of the bag next to impress? I’ll let you be the judge of that after listening to this album.

Straight to the heart of what this band are all about, See You In Hell starts with the ominous build up to the eerie flatline of a heart monitor before plunging into a dark and creepy abyss of testosterone shouts amongst the smooth tones of vocalist Kenda Legaspi. As this song dilapidates into a spooky ode with Hammer Horror-esque synthetic bleeps making your hairs stand on edge, it rolls into The Devil’s Son, an imminently seedy sounding song with the hot and musky chords of the electric guitar echo into the distance against effortlessly sexy vocals laced with the pounding of the drums reaching climax after climax carrying lovelorn and satanic lyrics.

Already a well established single, Sinners and Saints now re-mixed and mastered still holds the same punky punch it did before with its rebellious lyrics, gruff vocals and fast-paced tempo branches away from the bands psychobilly edge and moves towards classic punk with its traditional three chords and spit in your face attitude. Born to Lose follows this with an almost upbeat intro accompanied with the tinkling of piano keys moving into a comedic, upbeat ode to touring around the world, you’ll feel your toes tapping, your head shaking and your bootie wiggling along to this immediately catchy rock and roll tune.

My personal highlight of this album is Last Call which almost embodies a show tune with its impossibly fast and lucid introduction before gruff male vocals shock you out of your comfort zone as you’ve been awaiting the lulling female vocals this band are known for. Another firm highlight is the albums last track Life After Death providing the final boot before the grave with chilling and sharp pangs of the guitar like a fading heartbeat and drums racing like a frightened, adrenaline-fuelled pulse. The song steadily gains pace both musically and lyrically before gently fading into the same heart monitor the album began with.

The guys and ghouls of this band have truly outdone themselves with this release; pushing the humble beginnings of their horror show to shocking conclusions and showing the world just how talented this small band are. You’ll be humming their tunes for weeks I promise you.