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Crowns Interview November 2011

Catherine May


As one of the finest new bands to come out of the South West, Crowns have already crammed a lot into their musical career. We caught up with lead singer Bill Jefferson to learn about his career highlights and their Cornish influences…

MTTM: How was your recent UK tour? Anything exciting/untoward/utterly crazy we should know about?

Bill Jefferson: Touring with The King Blues was great – they looked after us really well and the crowds were really up for it. Cerebral Ballzy were on the tour too – and our pre-show ritual became watching the Rammstein ‘Pussy’ video together before heading out on stage. It made for a better show!

MTTM: Where does the name come from?

BJ: Partly from the Crown mines in Cornwall but mainly because it’s an empowering word. If you’re going to choose a band name – it needs to be powerful. You’re not going to choose ‘The Mice’.

MTTM: Do you think growing up in Cornwall by the coast has influenced your sound?

BJ: We grew up in Launceston, so we were still about 15 minutes from the coast. The whole of Cornwall has had a massive influence on us – especially the traditional music which you hear all around it.

MTTM: Who has been the most exciting person you’ve toured with?

BJ: We didn’t tour with him, but we played a show with Brandon Flowers at the Eden Sessions. Seeing as he is the frontman of one of the biggest bands in the world, and also being big Killers fans – we were pretty excited.

MTTM: If you had just one sentence to convince someone to buy your new single what would you say?

BJ: It’ll clean your ears out.

MTTM: You’ve got quite a solid following on both Facebook and Twitter, do you utilise these to interact with your fans?

BJ: Yes – it’s a great direct connection with people who like what we do.

MTTM: What’s the one accolade you’d most like to receive in your musical career?

BJ: We’d like to beat Rammstein to the title of ‘World’s Best Live Act’ by having double the amount of pyrotechinics, and we’d all get breast implants like their keyboard player.

MTTM: What else can we expect from you over the next twelve months?

BJ: We plan to release a 6 track EP in February. Other than that we’re going to tour and play as many shows as possible.