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The Dangerous Summer – Golden Record

Becci Stanley


As a follow-up release to 2011’s smash release War Paint, The Dangerous Summer always had a mountainous task in front of them to top such a spine-tingling masterpiece. Against all odds they have succeeded with Golden Record which is a catalogue of diversity, a timeline of the bands ever-evolving sound and ultimately an ode to what this band is all about.

Opening track Catholic Girls begins slowly with electronic feedback and slow, ominous keys before plunging into a raw bout of gruff vocals and steady, driving guitars that delve into the fast-paced frenzy we know as a chorus, with the vocals prominent over the steady chords carrying them.

Second up, Sins dives straight into the action with a spectacular bridge leading into an aching melodic journey through expressive vocals and mournful chords. Knives has a similar poignant, spine-chilling effect as it slows the pace with bloodcurdling and sorrowful lyrics executed in a pure visceral manner with gentle group vocals echoing after them. It’s a powerful track and crafted perfectly as it manages to both hook the listener with beautiful lyrics and instrumentals, yet repel them with high-pitched wails and metallic feedback from instruments at the heart-racing climax.

Honesty and Miles Apart both have an entirely different feel to them and almost don’t belong on this album or even to this band at all. Though energetic like the album as a whole, they have a more upbeat, carefree feel and have an element of fun over pure power. Honesty starts with quiet drums which lead into a sunny interlude of fast-fretting and singing – actual singing not shouting – making your head sway and body relax before you even notice. The latter has a slower, more atmospheric start with repetitive single chords carrying resonant vocals that culminate in a powerhouse of sound slowly gaining speed with the gradual addition of more instruments and elements to the buoyant concoction.

Closing track Anchor is easily one of the best songs, if not the best, that The Dangerous Summer have wrote in their entire career. Starting with aching group “oh’s” and melodic guitars, the song is a trek through blistering hooks, whining vocals entwined with throbbing guitars and ear-drum shattering drum beats complete with clashing cymbals and a slow driving climax ending poignantly with all elements of this song working together to lead to one final “crash” of the drums to signal the end.

A solid album from start to finish, not one track falls by the wayside and every single one has unique elements to dazzle and astound you. Yet another gem to add to the bands already shining career, and hopefully a sign of what is to come in the future.


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