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David Ford – Let The Hard Times Roll

Lisa Ward


It’s safe to say that David Ford’s latest album, Let The Hard Times Roll doesn’t differ hugely from his previous offerings. Unlike other artists however, this is a positive thing. So filled were the former with poetic lyrics, hard edged rants and innovative melodies, that it seem like they would be a difficult to recreate. For those already familiar with David’s sound, they’ll be used to the variation of love songs ridden with cynic coupled with self affirming tunes, for those less familiar it’s probably safe to say that David’s gruff vocals and unusual musical style might take a few listens before they warm to it.

Regardless, what’s clear is that David has captured the same quirks which defined Songs For The Road as outstanding and rekindled them into a new album. Whilst Surfin’ Guantanamo Bay is a punchy rock anthem style number, To Hell With The World is a love song, like only David knows how, fuelled with intricate piano melodies. Panic might offer an apocalyptic, rant style ode to the state of the world, but he counterbalances this with the tender Stephen, a poetic nod to Northern Ireland’s PC, Stephen Carroll.

Storyteller, poet, political activist and self deprecator, David takes many guises and whether it’s with the harmonica driven Nothing At All Like I wanted To Be, the piano led Hurricane, or the guitar fuelled Call To Arms, he creates an album with distinction and variety. Whilst it’s fair to say David was never likely to produce a happy-go-lucky, pop driven record, he has stripped away the alternative rock vibe of his Easyworld days, whilst still retaining the kick that drove the former band forward. David’s DIY approach to creating albums seems to have paid off (with all but one of the tracks being written and recorded in his room in Eastbourne) and it’s an offering which grows in strength with every listen.