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Decade – Good Luck

Becci Stanley


Decade were propelled straight from the underground music scene in Bath into the forefront of the pop punk with their groundbreaking release the Decade E.P offering titillating hooks, harmonious vocals with a gritty, raw edge that accompanies soaring instrumentals perfectly. How could LP Good Luck possibly compare to such a neatly crafted release you may wonder? With sharper hooks, with vocals that could either melt or tear your heart apart, with instrumentals that soar higher than ever, that’s how.

Opening track Good Luck begins deceptively morose at first before plunging into an un-nerving abyss of down-tuned guitar madness and propelling into a deluding mix of up-beat, soft vocals against thrashing drums and the chugging of guitars and bass working as one. Next up is lead single Brainfreeze that plunges even deeper and ever darker than its predecessor with bursts of slow, echoing vocals and winding guitars before bursting into a frenzy of shouting, wailing guitar hooks and the ever-present thumping of the drums, a heartbeat to this epic beast.

Not all the tracks within this album are wild beyond recognition, for instance Callous starts with an ominous bass line that could build up to a deafening crescendo, though not in this case as the tone of this song stays relatively grungy, dark and brooding as the vocals wind sweetly around the deep and deadly bass line and thumping drums. I Don’t Care continues this hateful tone with a thrashing punk number that’s energetic from the very first note, through the hammering choruses and against all notions that Decade are just another pop punk band emerging from the wood work. This song proves that this band have depth, talent, substance and the ability to make great music whatever the genre.

Songs like Coffin and British Weather, despite their negative connotations bring the mood of the album right up to the heavens with infectious lyrics that seep right into your memory, toe-tapping rhythms creating summer anthems that are bound to resonate for years to come.

All of this effort, heart ache and passion culminates in closing song Fake Teeth, leaving you breathless by taking everything this band are great at, pushing themselves to the limit and creating a journey of a song that grabs you by the hands and drags you through the harmonious, emotional vocals, the healing lyrics, the moving instrumentals; right until the final breathtaking note. This is an effortlessly moving album, a triumph for the pop punk scene and an album Decade should be proud of after years of hard work and dedication.