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Delta Maid Interview

Lisa Ward


Mid way through a four week residency at the Wheelbarrow, More Than The Music caught up with Delta Maid to find out more about opening for Gary Barlow and the current acclaim that surrounds her.

More Than The Music: You recently opened for Gary Barlow at his 40th birthday gig, how did you find that experience?

Delta Maid: It was quite a different “gigging” experience to what I’m used to, but nevertheless it was a great experience.

MTTM: You grew up in Liverpool, how do you think being raised somewhere steeped in musical heritage influenced your career?

DM: Perhaps it has made me more aware of the older, more established genres of music. Music and it’s awareness was prevalent in the home and in the local community so I think that has played it’s part in the encouragement factor.

MTTM: There seem to be a number of British female artists embracing the blues genre at the moment, Joanne Shaw Taylor being another that springs to mind, do you think there’s a specific reason it’s currently on the rise?

DM: I think it has always been there but I’m sure with widening accessibility (the internet being a major portal and more channels on TV) to different genres of music has helped raise its awareness.

MTTM:You’ve previously toured with Seth Lakeman, Ray LaMontagne, Ellie Goulding and Martha Wainwright. Is there a particular artist you enjoyed touring with most, or a particular gig that’s especially  memorable?

DM: All of them of course were memorable in their own way and I have had the privilege to open for some credible artists. I suppose the Seth Lakeman tour was the most memorable because it was such a long run of dates and you almost become family with the whole crew, we had a good laugh!

MTTM: Your debut album Outside Looking In is due out on the May 8th, what should we expect from this album?

DM: It’s emotionally charged and roots-driven. It’s difficult as I suppose people need to make up their own mind, all’s I can say is that it is coming from an honest place.

MTTM: The Guardian list you as someone to file next to Patsy Cline and Loretta Lynn, how does it feel to be likened to such successful women?

DM: I think I’d be utterly deranged to think I come close to them but of course it’s incredibly flattering someone else thinks that though!!

MTTM: Your due to play HMV’s Next Big Thing and Liverpool Post said ‘every now and again, a musician comes along that gets the industry talking…Delta Maid is that musician.’ How does it feel to have such acclaim, even before your album has been released?

DM: I’m immensely appreciative of the support and it’s fantastic that these things are being said…but the proof is in the pudding, the album hasn’t been released yet and so I won’t count my chickens…

MTTM: 2011 already has a string of gigs and an album on the way, but what else can we expect from you over the course of the year?

DM: Well I’m still actively writing and so hoping to continue that process throughout the year. I might pick up the accordion, I’m desperate to learn that…