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The Devil Wears Prada – 8:18

Becci Stanley


Ever since the release of Dear Love: A Beautiful Discord, the Ohio mob’s brutal cacophony has reached heights never previously thought of from playing tiny venues in their hometown to massive worldwide tours across the globe. The release of 8:18 marks a brand new milestone in their career, a milestone showing immense progression musically whilst still keeping the visceral oomph that has made their name legendary in venue worldwide.

Opening track Gloom well and truly lives up to its name with a spine-tingling synth intro with the faint beats of dubstep creeping in through the background. Yet before they can fully resurface the raw edged clatter, The Devil Wears Prada bursts through the seams bringing a storm of thundering guitars and the lightning crash of drums piercing the sore vocals in on furious assault.

This swiftly moves into the chugging introduction of Rumours, sounding heavily influenced by hit album Plagues with doom-mongering synth creating an almost deafeningly confusing track, accentuated only by the overly-loud shouts being silenced by melodic vocals adding different layers to what many would think to be a generic metalcore release.

Title track 8:18 slows the pace of the album right down to a standstill with a lulling introduction and echoing vocals – think everything off Sempiternal by Bring Me the Horizon but better – with chilling group vocals and off-key whines gradually swaying through the smooth mix but never reaching what everyone expects, a crashing conclusion which shows what everybody already knows, The Devil Wears Prada are not your average act and are definitely not predictable. Care More has a very similar feel with a totally un-nerving teeth gritting intro before unsuspectingly becoming even more lulling than 8:18 with not a single breakdown or shout in sight, or so you’ll think until the song takes a truly maddening turn.

Singles Martyrs and Home For Grave are easily two of the most perfectly crafted songs the band have ever released both sporting truly ghoulish introductions before plunging into a frenzy of eyeball melting riffs, heart bursting breakdowns and ear-shattering vocals pushing the boundaries of any work the band have put out before, crafting and perfecting the roughened edges they have previously displayed. It’s both tamer yet a lot more daring with crazy experimentation in the mix; it’s a real mind bender.

Closing track In Heart sums up everything this band are about. From the chilled out ethereal intro to the face-incinerating climax of this song, it shows the pure diversity of this band, the pure talent they all possess and just how far they have come musically as they have crafted the most exquisite album they have put out to date. The bar is set very high for their next release, and for every other band in their genre!