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Diamond Youth – Shake

Becci Stanley


With eclectic influences ranging from Weezer to Foo Fighters and the Beach Boys; Baltimore-based quartet Diamond Youth aim to create something a little bit different for your ears to sample.

Opening track Red Water storms in with an ominous wild west theme with ratting chords and a racing drum beat before speeding into a swirling array of grungy guitars, booming bass and dazzling drums that suddenly cut short to display eerie, echoing vocals that turn from calm and hypnotic into wailing like a banshee.

Can’t Shake The Feeling begins with an immediately sexy intro with breathy, harmonic vocals coupled with a slow tempo and piercing chords that suddenly stab through the heart-beat of drums.

Don’t Feel Real is a sombre track mainly focusing on lovelorn vocals coupled with ghost-like backing vocals and the guitars working as one unit, lulling you into a false sense of calm and tranquility before Warm Scene takes over with a hardcore-punk feel. The raging guitar riffs and gritty vocals offer a dark break from Diamond Youth’s usual lucid, hippie-pop to something a little more hard-hitting and almost freaky with high-pitched squeals and low sound effects to make you feel uncomfortable.

Maryland Ice Cream takes this one step further with a track that would not be out of place on a Sex Pistol’s album; it’s impossibly fast, blisteringly loud with a cacophony of instruments and is over in a flash. This is before the hidden track is unveiled.

Final track Copy Cat takes you on a trippy dreamscape journey with upbeat, goosebump-inducing synth, lucidly blending into dreamy vocals, tinny drums and the quick unexpected burst of gravelly guitar that blends in perfectly as this band use contrasting elements to their advantage and executes this perfectly.

An EP packed full of opposites, contradictions and exploration of various sounds and concepts used to create one of the most thoughtful and interesting records that will grace your ears this year. Keep your eyes out for Diamond Youth on their inevitable rise, they just might shock and confuse you some more.