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Dinosaur Pile Up – Nature Nurture

Becci Stanley


For Leeds alt-rockers Dinosaur Pile Up, change has always been at the very core of their unit with each release offering something a little bit different from its predecessor, to both acclaim and critique from fans and others alike. Nature Nurture is much the same, and both wows and misses the mark on different tracks, it is an eclectic mix and one I can’t quite get my head around.

Opening track Arizona Waiting jumps straight into the fray with whining vocals contrasted to a cacophony of storming guitars and pounding drums before slowing and speeding up repeatedly like a crashing sea. Second track Derail also starts promisingly, its slow and upbeat with single beats and quirky edge, though it becomes gradually repetitive and never quite reaches the crescendo of talent we expect throughout the song. However it displays a sweet quality you would not have expected from the track prior.

Highlights Heather and Summer Gurl are both packed full of riffs and ballsy attitude seeps through every chord, every beat and every wailed lyric punching its way through your ear drums straight to your brain. Heather mirrors the essence of the Foo Fighters more recent works perfectly with more droning vocals whilst Summer Gurl though slightly more upbeat with a slower tempo still has the same razor-edged punky feel that shows just how diverse this band is.

Most of this album falls on deaf ears however; it becomes slightly boring or just doesn’t quite live up to expectations. For instance White T-Shirts and Jeans starts promisingly with sudden bursts of energy against sombre and slow lyrics and tempo, but never quite reaches the climax that you psych yourself up for as you listen, leading to immediate disappointment. This is seen through a lot of the tracks after this, it lacks a euphoria and energetic rush that you ache for with Dinosaur Pile-Up, you may even think all hope is lost for the latter part of the album. This isn’t the case.

Closing track Nature Nurture combines this angsty, punk feel with a dreamy Indie vibe creating the ultimate mash up of Dino-influences and sounds creating the final slice of oomph we’ve been searching for throughout this album, so welcome it could almost bring you to tears after the monotony previous.

This release seems to be hit and miss, I respect any band that try something different and try to grow and craft their style, but a band that doesn’t quite get it right I more feel sorry for. Hopefully they’ll hit the right notes next time.