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Dispatch – Circles Around The Sun

Laura Lloyd


After announcing Dispatch were going on hiatus a decade ago, the Boston based threesome; Pete Heimbold, Brad Corrigan and Chad Urmston are back with their full length studio album, a 10 track journey which maintains its folk/indie jam sound throughout. However, this album points towards ‘new and inventive’ rather than the same old sounding Dispatch. With the use of banjos, percussion and underlying political lyrics the band have reinvented their music whilst keeping it familiar and recognisable to the more dedicated fans.

Circles Around the Sun, opens with an extremely catchy guitar riff combined with a drum snare and distinctive vocals, all of which work together so well that it creates a hard hitting and explosive first track. The tempo screams charisma and urges the listener to bop along with it. It’s an amazing way to kick off the album and it points more towards fun and

Not Messin’, Get Ready Boy and We Hold A Gun are certainly stand out tracks of the album. Not Messin’ sounds like the ‘old’ Dispatch, teaming an omnious feel with quick lyrics masking a political underlying jibe and, backed with a near continuous beat, the song could easily be compared to one of The Beastie Boys tracks. Get Ready Boy, contains a banjo which keeps a continuous rhythm throughout the song. It makes the track sound more country which causes it to stand out and make the listener want to slap their knee and shout ‘yee haw!’ Meanwhile, We Hold a Gun is a softer, delicate song. The lyrics are paired with a piano which, compared to the rest of the album, makes the track sound fragile. The harmonies and the underlying of the piano really drive the song and the crescendo is amazing.

Sadly, Flag is a disappointment; it’s dull and doesn’t leave a lasting impression. However, the usage of the mandolin, banjo and acoustic guitar give the song a more haunting landscape to tell its tale. Come To Me is the same in the terms that it is dull. The electric guitar rips through the song midway and it sounds like it was recorded live but apart from that it is something you could easily forget.

Long term fans of Dispatch may be surprised about their subtle but significant change in sound but it’s a change for the better. They’ve made an incredible comeback and put a breath of fresh air into their music. Even though some of the tracks are a let-down it’s definitely an easy listen. Although, some could find themselves getting bored of the album after 2 songs songs as this will certainly not be to everyone’s taste.