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DJ Yoda – Chop Suey

Tess Askew


Mixtape specialist and turntablist extraordinaire – DJ Yoda returns with his long-awaited LP Chop Suey. Yoda has been out of the limelight for a few years, but it’s clear to hear he hasn’t lost any of the skills that made him so popular with his 2001 release How To Cut & Paste. As expected, there is a wide, diverse mix and sounds while the multi-genre guests on this album really make it what it is.

You get the feeling that DJ Yoda is in such a position that he would have his pick of collaborations, and it’s nice to see the varied choices he’s made on this album. There’s old-school hip-hop from Greg Nice and UK talent in it’s finest form from Virus Syndicate and Sway. A blissed out house offering from no intro needed Boy George, the sublime mix of soul-sister Alice Russell and smooth-flowing wordsmith Action Bronson. It also includes an album highlight from Scroobius Pip and a round-up featuring Mr Police Academy himself, Michael Winslow.

Known for the element of comedy he places in his music, this has been stripped back a little. That’s not to say you won’t have the odd chuckle, but this album doesn’t miss it – it’s an altogether more slick, polished affair, without compromising on any of the skills or style that we all know and love Yoda for. There’s electro, acid-house, jungle, hip-hop and many other styles on this album, an eclectic, nostalgic mix that still manages to sound really fresh. Yoda manipulates the beats and breaks the way only he knows how and the ‘anything goes’ style he’s forever adopted still works for him.