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Don Broco – Automatic

Becci Stanley


Already creating waves in the alternative music scene since the release of smash hit debut album Priorities and since appearing on major festival line ups across the globe, Don Broco are well and truly taking over the UK alternative music scene and slowly, the world. With such success comes a lot of pressure on the follow up release to their debut album, does Automatic live up?

“Superlove” kicks in tuning into the groovy soul of the 70s with choppy guitar parts over the top of a deep and sexy bass line that automatically sets in miles away from the gritty noise of Priorities and into a new, more experimental release. Single “Automatic” swoops in with the already familiar woo-oohs that have been plaguing our airwaves and its poppy, repetitive lyrics that make it so infectiously catchy that you will be dancing along and singing every single word upon the third listen.

“What You Do To Me” and “Let You Get Away” still hold the fire that made us fall in love with Don Broco; the sudden burst from controlled and soulful melodies to thrashing pop-rock anthemic choruses with crashing chords and yelling vocals that capture your breath and heartstrings.
Nothing displays this better than my personal stand out track “I Got Stick” with stadium drum beats and echoing vocals carrying lyrics you can already imagine a sold out venue waving their lighters and clapping their hands along to simultaneously. It is both melodic and hard hitting which is what Don Broco have managed to balance for so many years, and have since polished.

“Keep On Pushing” and “Tough On You” show a definite lyrical growth within the band, with both sporting motivational lyrics that push the listener to be the best them that they can be, no matter what life throws at them instead of the usual “lad” lyrics that they have in the past been criticized over. This leads perfectly into poignant and spine-chilling closing track “Further” with its choral introduction, meaningful lyrics that encapsulate the hardships and difficulty that surrounded the inception of this release and masterful musicianship.

Don Broco have received some stick in the past, whether that be directly because of their music and its formula, or their sudden rise to fame; it is hard to deny after the release of Automatic however whatever your opinion that Don Broco are a hard working and talented band. They have polished a sound that has worked for them as well as trying to experiment with and mould their sound into something new as they grow personally alongside their music.

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