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Don Broco – Priorities

Becci Stanley


An odd mixture of Rock, Pop, Punk and Indie; Don Broco are a breakthrough act who have shot to success after appearances on Red Bull’s Bedroom Jam and touring with a range of bands from all genres. Although another record similar to that expected of Don Broco, Priorities shows even more development of style from the eclectic Bedford group that simply blows the ears away.

The album starts anthemically with first track, album name and first single Priorities. Soaring hooks sharper than a fisherman’s, booming vocals and intricate finger work on the guitars blast the angst ridden dilemmas of being stuck in a “partner or friends” like situation, then changes drastically to a soothing, calm rhythm, once more enforcing the diversity of this band’s music.

Every single track on this album brings something else to the plate. From anthemic tracks such as Priorities, songs like Yeah Man – which contains beautiful guitar and snare work along with the soothing, suave vocal styles instead of yelping from vocalist Rob Daminani which for fans of the band, will be a strange change. From these anthemic tunes however, is a showcase of just how talented a group of musicians Don Broco are, shown heavily on tracks such as Here’s The Thing which boasts impressive drum skills which you wouldn’t think possible from anyone with less than 8 arms and legs. Meanwhile, there are riffs that could deafen anyone listening to this album through earphones on personal highlight of the album Whole Truth.

The clever innuendo, themes and beautiful poetry woven through each song in the form of lyrics shows just how intricate the styling’s of Don Broco are, and how much they deserve to leave a lasting mark on the music scene. This album shows Don Broco as not only an eclectic mix of most genres going, it shows them as an incredibly talented, committed,  clever and quite frankly belting band. I cannot recommend this album enough for a fan of practically any music. They’re definitely on to a winner.