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Dum Dum Girls – Only In Dreams

Tess Askew


Los Angeles starlets Dum Dum Girls’ second offering is the delightful Only In Dreams. Released on the much loved Sub Pop, this album offers up light, dreamy melodies partnered by impressive, confident instrumentation by the band.

Their first LP, I Will Be, was well received when released in 2010, but this new material takes them in a bolder direction. The album, recorded in Queens of the Stone Age boss Joshua Homme’s Pink Duck Studios, sees the band lessen the lo-fi sound of their past works and opt for a fuller production.

Lead track Always Looking is a punchy love song with a nice throw back feel from the guitar – a theme which carries on throughout the whole album. Bedroom eyes is another track on the album steeped in love and Coming Down, the longest on the album is a wistful slow burner and standout track.

Only In Dreams was written and recorded after frontwoman Dee Dee lost her Mother and also touches on being separated from the one you love – that said, the album isn’t downbeat, a light atmosphere flows with you throughout it. Just A Creep is a straight-up pop guitar song for the girls and Hold Your Hand is another of the more emotional, beautiful tracks to feature on the album

This album manages to display simplicity magnificently and is both catchy and accessible with a lovely mixture of sounds in all the right places and beautiful melodies both from the girls voices and also their guitars. The tracks which are slower in pace and full of raw emotion do not drag the whole album down, rather the opposite, adding a bittersweet taste to such a sugary collection of songs.