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Dum Dum Girls – Too True

Emily Bruce


LA quintet the Dum Dum Girls make gorgeous indie dream pop akin to Best Coast and Veronica Falls. Their second album, Only in Dreams, was a near-perfect record in my opinion – but are they able to follow it up with something equally brilliant?

Album opener Cult of Love is underwhelming, but next track Evil Blooms makes up for it – it’s the band back at their catchy best as vocalist Dee Dee Penny asks ‘why be good, be beautiful and sad? It’s all you’ve ever had’ over and over, like a mantra. Next up is Rimbauld Eyes, which is perhaps the best song on the record – it’s extremely upbeat and fun. Are You Okay is a fantastic, mellow and lovely tune that takes the pace back slightly.

Elsewhere, In the Wake of You is a gorgeous ditty about missing a lover, and Lost Boys and Girls Club is a real highlight, reminiscent of the Jesus and Mary Chain – full of distorted guitars and breathy vocals. The album closes with the laid back and dreamy Trouble is my Name, rounding the album off nicely.

As with most Dum Dum Girls records, all the songs here short, sweet and snappy. There are less standout songs than with their previous efforts, and it can get a little bit monotonous at times, but it is nice that the songs blend into one another. As an album, it all fits together nicely.

Whereas Only in Dreams was amazing on first listen, Too True benefits from several plays – the songs and album as a whole really come into their own on repeated listens. So while it doesn’t quite live up to the previous LP (that was never going to be easy) it certainly doesn’t disappoint either.