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Duologue – Never Get Lost

Becci Stanley


From their humble beginnings with their first full length e.p Song & Dance and the break into better things with astounding and electric e.p Memex, the London electro-rockers are back with their first full-length Never Get Lost, a lucid versus punk aural journey that you are not likely to forget in a hurry with its juxtaposing elements of chaos and tranquillity battling for dominance.

Memex encapsulates birth, whether that be literal or of an idea with muffled vocals slowly becoming clearer, a slow building and hopeful tempo climaxing to ultimate clarity with the introduction of sharp keys and harmony, before taking a turn into the spine-chilling Correctness. Its whining, sombre vocals and off-key beeps make an uncomfortable listen as it’s heavily reminiscent of childhood gaming music, though it takes these happy childhood visions and turns them evil and off-putting.

Forest and Sibling feel incredibly reminiscent of Radiohead and Nine Inch Nails with punk credentials in the content and delivery of the vocals and the all out weirdness and experimental elements of the instrumentals that are quite unlike anything within mainstream or even underground music right now, but would be more at home in a strange underground horror or fantasy game.

Traps and Drag and Drop however have a slightly different feel with faster tempos, stronger vocals, crashing beats with passion and devotion seeping out of every single note building up to two incredibly raw and jaw-dropping crescendos which re-enforces their reputation as scatty and unpredictable electro-rockers, unlike anybody else. Parts of the Blame encapsulates death and ends the album in a poignant style. It begins full of life with soulful and deep vocals before storming into the ether with a truly terrifying middle eight like the roaring of the wind or screaming of souls exiting the body, then the tempo slows, the mood becomes calm as if departing to the afterlife and the album plunges from its initial chaos, to everlasting peace.

With perfect fluidity, the perfect balance of genres and ideas that are expertly crafted and executed with time and precision instead of rushed and flustered; Duologue show true mastery of their style but also keep their passion and love for their craft evident instead of stale and purely professional. Never Get Lost, ironically, is an album you can get fully immersed and lost in its cacophony and dreamy vibes, and surely many will be.