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Enter Shikari Interview July 2011

Catherine May


There are many fine things to come out of Hertfordshire: Myself (obviously), two of the Spice Girls (Geri and Victoria before you Google it) and that guy Glen who got fired on the Apprentice a few weeks ago (Who?). Oh and on top of that there’s Enter Shikari. I caught up with Rou Reynolds from the band for some county bonding and to talk more about the band’s worldwide success.

MTTM: So, like me you hail from Hertfordshire. Unlike me, you’ve gained success around the world and are currently touring the US. What would you say was the defining point in your careers when you knew you’d made it?

Rou: Ha! There’s still time sister! I don’t think there really ever has been a defining moment as such, for us it’s been a long and gradual road to where we are now, things just seemed to slowly build and build. Obviously there have been points where we had to slap ourselves across the face with a freshly caught pike like the first time we did mainstage at Reading/Leeds in ’09 or the first time we did Download in ’07. They were scary, scary moments!

MTTM: Your new DVD features your December 2010 set from your Hatfield show. Do you still love the thrill of playing to your home(ish) crowd?

Rou: Yeah definitely it’s always a great vibe. The end of year Forum shows are becoming a bit of a tradition, it’s just good fun after a year’s hard touring to gather all our friends together and party.

MTTM: Your autumn looks absolutely manic. How do you cope with life on the road?

Rou: We’re almost halfway through Warped tour at the moment, which means 2 months away, and yeh as you’ve said the rest of the year is booked pretty solid. It’s real hard being away from girlfriends, family and friends for so long that’s for sure. You just have to keep yourself busy, I like reading and watching a lot of documentaries and trying to keep fit. Keep your body and mind busy and time goes faster I guess.

MTTM: What’s the maddest thing that’s ever happened to you on tour?

Rou: This one time, when we were on tour in Germany we stopped at a petrol station, I got out of the bus and fell into a volcano and got 5th degree burns. I tried to climb out but got pulled back down by a rowdy bunch of vexed middle-aged businessman who often suffered from road rage and didn’t like their wives varicose veins. They told me these things as they yanked at my blazer. I never managed to get out. The bus drove on and from that day on the band have been using myself; a clone of the original Rou that they made just in case this happened.

MTTM: Er, yes if you say so… For your biggest fans there is a limited edition DVD 3. What’s the best footage that fans can look forward to on that?

Rou: There’s some classic ‘vintage’ footage of us on there. Our first London big headliner at the Mean Fiddler offers some pre-pubescent yelps and great fashion advice!

MTTM: What’s inspiring your music at the moment?

Rou: As always, we listen to a wide range of music so it’s hard to single out. I don’t go out and about in Warped tour a lot because apart from a handful of great bands, there’s a lot of homogenised soulless rubbish there, which I definitely wouldn’t want myself to be subconsciously influenced by. Last stuff played on my itunes is Stravinsky, Radiohead, Seth Lakeman, Blue Mar Ten, Easy Allstars, Caspian, Dillinger Escape Plan. And I bought a load of David Attenborough DVD classics for the long drives, so the next albums mostly going to be about deep sea dwelling luminous octopuses.

MTTM: Having toured Europe and the US pretty extensively, is there any corner of Planet Earth where you’re still itching to perform?

Rou: Everywhere we haven’t been! I’d never been further than Guernsey before this band kicked off, so to be going to the places we’ve been now is incredible. Even though usually we don’t see that much of the places we go to (mainly just the venues and hotels) it’s still obviously great to see the glimpses that we do get on day offs etc. and to meet the people we do. I’d love to go to South America, the Middle East, The Far East… everywhere! The Antarctic too! I want to play a respectful show in the spot Shackleton died.

MTTM: After the autumn tour, what’s next for you? Are you ever going to take time off to relax?

Rou: Probably not because the album (if all goes well) is due to come out early next year. So we’ll begin our own headline tours around the world and begin the festival circuit which is always fun.