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Ethan Ash – No Early Nights EP

Nichola Eastwood


When it comes to chilled out folk pop Ethan Ash certainly excels, still,  you can’t shake the niggling feeling that he can do a lot better than what we’re presented with on No Early Nights. Opener Take Some Time is the highlight of this four track offering.  It’s a punchy start, Ethan’s vocals are laced with attitude and catchy guitar, teamed with a chorus that it’s impossible not to hum along to.  It’s a track like this that makes you want to hear the rest of the album.

Hushed Quiet Silence takes on a distinctively mellower, more soul infused atmosphere, it’s not a bad track as such and Ethan’s vocals are perfectly suited to this sound.  However, you can’t help but feel a small tinge of disappointment, as it lacks the much more addictive edge present in Take Some Time. Tried to Get Rid of Me carries on in the same soul vein, it’s certainly territory Ethan is at home with and he does it well, but with closing track, Dawning, not faltering from Ethan’s comfort zone it all starts to get a bit samey.

It’s not that this is a bad record, far from it in fact, especially if summery pop with lazing guitar is your staple musical diet, but you just can’t help feeling Ethan’s holding back here.  Take Some Time is a frustrating glimpse of Ethan’s full potential, let’s hope he taps into it a bit more in future.