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Events – Women Make Music

Joanna Rowe


Did you know only 14% of the members of the PRS are females? How did we let his happen? The gap between males and females in the industry is ridiculously high and the PRS are drawing a lot of attention to this by offering support to women creators.

For those who don’t know, PRS (Performing Rights Society) is an organisation that collects royalties for the creators when their work is performed, broadcasted or distributed to the public. Music creators or songwriters that are making money from their work are more than likely a member of the PRS. 

At the BBC Proms in 2010, only 4.1% of the music performed was composed by females. It is figures like this that have caught the attention of the PRS panel and encouraged them to do such a calling.

The calling, ‘Women Make Music’ is aimed to encourage women creators in the UK to come forward and apply for the funding that is offered (up to £5,000). It is not aimed at any particular genre and not only can female music creators apply, but also music organisations, venues, promoters and others that are looking to collaborate with a female writer or music creator. The funding is to help with the creation of the music and also the first performance.

This call was launched on March 8th 2011 which was ‘International Women’s Day’ and applicants have two deadlines; 13th May 2011 and 8th August 2011. All details about applying are on the PRS website.   

Personally, I think this is a great opportunity for women writers/ creators and they should grab it with both hands. If you are female and create or write music then apply, you have nothing to lose and up to £5,000 to gain.