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Fake Club – Fuckable

Laura Lloyd


Having forever been a sucker for girl bands, especially girl bands who don guitar and an anything-you-can-do-I-can-do-better attitude, I was excited at the prospect of Fake Club’s debut album.

Right from the off the sheer edginess and grittiness of this album shines through, opening with an assault of honest, pure rock and roll. First track Do What You Gotta Do speaks out on independence, drawing on childish imagery of being afraid and growing up, but also gaining your autonomy and doing whatever you need to get by. It is the perfect self-motivating song and with a heavy riff to accompany it, it’ll get rid of any self-doubts you may be harbouring.

Beauty Queen still maintains its edginess but is the stereotypical kind of song about a girl who has everything she wants; the looks, the money, the lifestyle but also how that life isn’t all that it seems and that there are far more important things. Do It Like Me opens with wonderful guitar riffs and raw lyrics that give the feeling that you should be walking down the street on a sunny day. It brings to the fore old memories and is extremely catchy, something to dance around your bedroom to. Contrastingly, Over and Over opens with the expectancy of a slower track before bursting into speedy guitar strums and fast paced lyrics and is a total ‘rocking out’ song which would be brilliant when performed live.

Fake Club’s first album reaches above and beyond expectancy, it’s an absolute belter. It maintains its London punk rock edge throughout and it’s an extremely bold and feisty album which does women everywhere proud and definitely gives some of the older generation rock bands a run for their money! This set of girls from London are definitely destined for bigger things and this album is set to breakthrough as they’re individual among other things. They’re out of the ordinary, they’re gritty and they’re wild and they’re definitely one of the best all female bands I have heard for a long while.