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Fast Five: Cold Summer



How did you meet and what’s the story behind your band name?

Well without sounding like this a put together project by some major label/management/overlord, basically I had a contract to fulfil with a major label and they didn’t know what to do with me. I couldn’t crack it as a solo artist despite being diverse, I mean after all I only hit inanimate objects roughly in time…I’m only kidding apart from that last part, basically after playing in bands for a few years it came a point in summer 2010 where I was for the first time in a long time, not in a band. I’d usually joined bands in their formative stages, where I had some influence on the sound but perhaps not the general direction. Without sounding like a control-freak I thought it was time I started something myself, I just felt it would hopefully ensure the people I made music with were all on the same page y’know! After a few jams with the guys, well I knew we were compatible! Basically through ads, I found the two Chris’s, Chris Harrison (guitar), Chris Hepworth (bass) both good friends, who had always wanted to put a band together but had struggled with art and university studies taking up their time. Luckily this all fell into place at a time for all of us where we could all focus on this and see what we could come up with. We went through the same process I guess to find the fourth member, someone to sing and well add ideas to the band, before we met Dan Feast (vocals) we did have a singer who we played a few shows with & released our first demo with the songs we’d originally written, however things didn’t work out with him. There’s never a nice way to tell someone to leave a band, but we had to because if it’s not working on both a personal level and also just as importantly, making music together that your all happy with, what else can you do?

The band name is my doing, there is quite a bit of a story behind it personally to me, I’ll share as much as I can as it’s a pretty sensitive thing. I instantly dismiss the presumption that it’s a statement about the current climate we’ve endured the past couple of summers in England even though that is pretty true, it’s really an oxymoron, something a little bit deeper, band names need to mean something or else it leads to humorous stories ala the Pigeon Detectives and the Foo Fighters etc!

The summer where we pretty much formed Cold Summer my mum had a deterioration of her health and I’d go back and see her whenever I wasn’t working or playing drums. I pulled up one day outside her house to see an ambulance parked up outside, and at this moment I just really felt ‘cold’, like nothing I have ever felt before I couldn’t do anything, it wasn’t my fault what had happened but I just had to sit in the ambulance with her and just hope she was going to be ok. I think a lot of stuff that happened that summer just made me feel so cold, yet it’s supposed to be summer, some of the best times I’ve had in my life have been in summer, that summer was the complete opposite, you’d like to forget, but you can’t.

How would you describe your music?

Well we are a rock band I guess, we mix melodic and heavy influences, not falling at the extreme of the spectrum. We’re pretty open minded, we experiment without being too pretentious about it, we’d like to think we promote discussion. I think our songs and records encourage repeat listens so people don’t make rushed presumptions about the lyrics. There is a sense of urgency I guess, and we try to challenge people rather than just trying really hard to be formulated and conform to certain rules that means we will be signed to Z label and will sell X amount of records if we do certain things.

What have you been up to so far and what can we expect over the coming months?

Well 2012 has been a busy year for us putting out two EPs. 2011 was pretty much getting the band back on track shall we say and a creative one with Dan joining and us writing the stuff for Transitions and Wake that we’ve released so far this year. We’ve managed to play some great shows I think starting on a high in January supporting one of my favourite bands End Of A Year, Self Defense Family & Aficionado is a bit of a good start and also a bit of a bad thing, because after that you begin to wonder if the shows are going to be as fun. Luckily they have and we’re lucky we get to play with such a mix of bands, one week we’re supporting metalcore bands looking really out of place with our zero breakdowns, next minute we’re supporting Lemuria and our friends Hearts & Souls and we’re the heavy band! At the minute we’re trying very hard to get some touring done around Wake (which has only been out a few weeks) for later in the year. So far we’ve nothing confirmed, but there are one or two shows which we are in the process of sorting which should raise a few eyebrows and put a few air miles on our cards!

If you could duet with anybody who would it be and why?

Do you mean this like as with another band or a solo artist? If I was to drum off with someone it would be Danny Carey from Tool or Josh Freese from Well. Actually maybe just about every band ever, like I’d be the guy keeping the solid 4/4 though! Why? Well I’d just learn a lot from the experience I guess! I’ve seen a few guys in Tools supports playing along with him and it sounds awesome!

I think as a band we’d love to have a song with a female vocal on. So we’d get someone in to do that if it’s up to a label obviously we need to go down the route of (I really should quote this as it’s not my doing!), ‘Evanescence meets Descendants’. As predictable as it may sound, Hayley Williams would be my choice.

What’s your desert island disc and why would you take this one album?

Again this is my choice so I’m hoping the guys will go along with this and not throw me out to sea, I’m going to go with Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here, that album title is ironic I know, but it’s quite a long album for 5 songs, so rather than burning out 30 minutes on the latest energetic pop punk/hardcore thing I’d go with this for the replay value.

Answers by Justin Eastwood (drums)