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Fast Five: Our Fold



How did you meet and what’s the story behind your band name?

The original line up of the band met when Damo’s ex girlfriend went abroad and he had some big parties, all night jams turned into serious music making and the first home demos were recorded. The usual suspects ’round at Damo’s were one night running low on supplies and he suggested asking a lad to come round that a few of the others didn’t know. Tony didn’t like the idea and said, “I don’t want anyone who’s not in Our Fold to come round…” So that was it, the group of friends named themselves that.

How would you describe your music?

Alternative Indie Rock??

What have you been up to so far and what can we expect over the coming months?

We’ve played some of the biggest festivals including Glastonbury, Isle Of Wight, Reading/Leeds, Bestival, Latitude & some overseas like Electric Picnic in Ireland & Hove Fest in Norway. Supported the likes of Kasabian, The Fratellis, The Coral, Florence & The Machine plus others. We released our debut single ‘Dive?’ last November and have been putting the finishing touches to out debut album since then which will hopefully be out later this year. We have our next single release coming out on August 11th, ‘She Goes On’ which is favorite when we play live.

If you could duet with anybody who would it be and why?

Are you allowed dead people?? Tough. It would be Kurt Cobain for me for the simple reason that when I heard Nevermind I almost pulled my mum’s arm out of her socket for a few months until she bought me that guitar. We met Dave Grohl over at Hove Fest in Norway and to tell him that I wouldn’t be there playing the Fest without his music was a bit weird. He loved it though! What a guy that lad is, stayed talking to us then invited us to watch Them Crooked Vultures from the side of the stage! Some night that was…..

What’s your desert island disc and why would you take this one album?

Impossible to choose just the one. I’d take my Nevermind 20th anniversary box set and hide the Gathering Sound box set by James under my top hat.