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Fast Five: Ghosts of Social Networks



How did you meet and what’s the story behind your band name?

I (Nathan) met Ben on the gigging circuit and, after my earlier band disbanded, I asked if he’d help me with a new project. Ghost of Social Networks is an ambiguous name, although the initial idea came from social media profiles still left online after people pass away. Almost like an epitaph to them.

How would you describe your music?

Our music aims to be long lasting. Focussed on strong songwriting while pushing the material into various genres. Mainly taking influence from new wave, post punk, indie and alternative.

What have you been up to so far and what can we expect over the coming months?

We’ve focussed mainly on recording songs and releasing singles regularly to build a following and seek radio and online coverage. Our debut ‘Love Potion’ (released May 2016 on Integrity Records) was played a few times by Steve Lamacq on BBC 6 Music and playlisted on Amazing Radio. We only started gigging this October and we’ll continue to do that next year. Our current single ‘Comeback Kid’ is out now. And we have another ready to go in February 2017.

If you could duet with anybody who would it be and why?

Bat for Lashes. I think she’s an incredibly inventive and enchanting artist.

What’s your desert island disc and why would you take this one album?

‘OK Computer’. This record changed my whole outlook on music. I still go to it now for inspiration. The sonic landscapes and almost orchestral melodies in the songs are astounding. Still learning from that record 20 years on.