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Fast Five: Mano’s Daughter



How did you meet and what’s the story behind your band name?

Matthias and I met through friends of friends that we had both known for ages and just never met each other before. I think it was at a gig in New Cross, where we did meet. I can’t remember the band though. We’ve been playing together ever since and Matthias knew Dan through playing in jazz bands with him. I met Dan as we called him in to play for one of our other musical adventures before Mano’s Daughter. The band name is simply Sarah is Mano’s Daughter!

How would you describe your music?

Our music is very synth based but with a real emphasis on lyrical content and songwriting in the wholesome sense, if you get what I mean. We wanted the sound to be big and sometimes almost anthemic/dancefloor but without losing the art of the song having a structure and message.

What have you been up to so far and what can we expect over the coming months?

We’ve been finishing off our debut EP ‘Smart’, which will be released on 31st March 2014. We will be having a London EP launch around then and getting out to some festivals this summer.

If you could duet with anybody who would it be and why?

Sarah – Definitely Justin Vernon from Bon Iver. He’s just an amazing songwriter and has such a great voice. Totally inspiring.

What’s your desert island disc and why would you take this one album?

Sarah – Probably (I know this might be sacrilege to some) but The Best of Prince. I like too many songs from different albums so a compilation of Prince tunes, including Purple Rain, Let’s Go Crazy, Little Red Corvette…the list goes on. I’d take this because I’ve been listening to these songs all my life and I never get bored of them. They are so good that they always make me feel the same way each time I hear them. Absolute genius.