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Fast Five: Sincere



When did you begin making music, and did you ever ponder a different career?

When I was 14 I began making music, which I noticed was taking me away from my love of football and that’s when I noticed it was for me. I would spend all day, night and weekend writing music in my room. Then meeting UK rap legend, Skinnyman, and getting the chance to record a song that was played by Tim Westwood, gave me the enthusiasm to continue.

How would you describe your music?

I would describe my music as futuristic, hard beats with very melodic flows. I take inspiration from music I grew up listening to, from house and garage, drum & bass to mid 90’s hip-hop. My single ‘Déjà Vu’ has the same sample of a famous drum & bass record ‘Valley of the Shadows’ and a very distinctive UK baseline with 808 drums that you could hear on an Atlanta hip-hop record i.e. T.I. Young Jeezy, Waka Flaka.

What have you been up to so far and what can we expect the following months?

I’ve been working on my debut album Yours Sincerely, which will be out mid next year. I’ve been touring with DJ Fresh and Rita Ora this year and in the upcoming months I’ll be back on the road with Rita Ora. I have a track coming out with Popcaan, who is the biggest artist coming out of Jamaica right now.

If you could duet with anyone, who would it be?

It would be myself, Kayne West and Adele and produced by Hudson Mohawke. That would be amazing. Kayne never fails with verses when it’s time to rise to the occasion, and with Adele’s great voice on the chorus, and Hudson Mohawkes exciting production, Kayne and I would have to come strong with the verses -laugh-

What’s your desert island disc and why would you take this one album?

Bob Marley’s Greatest Hits, because it would be pretty sad being alone on a desert island and his music has a very good feel-good factor and would make me channel in all my positive memories.

Déjà vu is released on 9th September 2012