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Fast Five: States Of Emotion



How did you meet and what’s the story behind your band name?

We met at senior school in Essex, the band name I dreamt up as a young kid first learning guitar, when I was fantasising about forming a band and becoming a rock star… I don’t know why I picked that name all those years ago but it’s sure as hell stuck.

How would you describe your music?

Emotionally driven guitar pop.

What have you been up to so far and what can we expect over the coming months?

Blood sweat and tears for going on 15 years, trying to find our feet amongst this vast musical landscape. We’re releasing our debut album “Black & White To Gold” on Feb 15th, we are playing our album launch show on Feb 19th at Camden Underworld and then playing some shows with our pals The Rifles at the end of Feb, lots of fun stuff.

If you could duet with anybody who would it be and why?

Tough question… Bono…. U2 are the greatest band of all time… haters, blow me.

What’s your desert island disc and why would you take this one album?

The Stone Roses – Self Titled, it’s just a beautiful, uplifting, timeless piece of magic and I will never get bored of it