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Favourite Venues – Fat Sams, Dundee

Dana Beaton


When you’re in Scotland it seems as if the obvious concert venues and nightclubs would be located in big cities such as Edinburgh or Glasgow, but the truth is that there is a terrific club located near Dundee’s town centre. Dundee is a small city on the east coast of Scotland, known as the home for many artists such as Deacon Blue and Danny Wilson, but more recently for KT Tunstall and The View.

Although I’ve only had a first hand experience in attending a few of their gigs, Fat Sams is also locally known as the only nightclub which is open seven days a week, with an amazing student nightlife; from foam parties to Mix-tape Mondays.

I remember waiting in the queue during the Winter months, almost regretting choosing gigs so late in the year, but once I was inside the atmosphere immediately hit me. To the right is a fairly long bar and to the left is usually where they sell all sorts of music merchandise after the show. Once a friend and I were even served by the lead singer of Kids In Glass Houses, who were opening for Funeral For A Friend and we both left the place with our t-shirts signed! I think it’s the small, friendly venue that gives one the chance to become acquainted with band members, particularly those who may not be well recognised at the time.

Fat Sams isn’t particularly big – pun intended – but the relatively small crowd, stage and simple layout is what makes it such an enjoyable experience. You have choice over the “dance-floor” or leaning against the banister above, near the DJ – if there happens to be one – where you have a much better view instead of glaring at every six foot five male that walks in front of you. Or is that just me?

If you’re particularly interested in upcoming concerts, there are a number of bands playing this February, including Professor Green, The Wombats, The Feeling, Feeder and many more. However, there are also many indie bands playing throughout the season. Tickets can be bought online or from Groucho’s, a nearby record exchange and ticket agent.