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Feeder – All Bright Electric

Carrie Humphries


Next year marks two decades since Feeder released their debut album Polythene, and despite numerous highs and lows over the years, they still boast a hugely successful career with seven more full length releases and twenty-five top 40 hit singles. Following a hiatus in 2012, the band have returned with their first UK tour in four years and their new album; All Bright Electric.

The album’s wonderful opening track Universe of Life declares that Feeder are back, as we are treated to punchy rock & roll riffs and an uplifting chorus conveying a powerful message about ignoring negativity in day to day life; “Seeing is believing or there’s nothing at all. Don’t be fooled by foolish minds.”

The band hit on darker elements in the next few tracks Eskimo and Geezer. Eskimo has an almost cinematic feel to it with soul baring lyrics, a heavy bass line and dramatic rises and falls within the music. Whereas Geezer is a grungy and psychedelic offering which seems to be about the dark side of fame and fortune.

Paperweight is upbeat with chuggy guitars and a catchy chorus; but unfortunately it’s all just a little too safe in comparison to the rest of the material on the album. However; tracks 5 & 6 are stand-out moments as the band take it down a notch for the dreamy Infrared-Ultraviolet and the tranquil tenderness of Oh Mary.

Relaxation complete, and Feeder shock us back into life with two songs that hint upon their material of old. The Impossible is a fine slice of the band’s radio friendly side, which I could definitely see as a single release further down the line; while Divide The Minority provides an edgy dig at the segmented state of humanity and reminds me of some of the heavier stuff from early albums such as Yesterday Came Too Soon and Echo Park.

All Bright Electric is wondrously brought to a close with three of the most compelling songs on the album; Angels And Lullaby’s, Hundred Liars and Another Day On Earth. From the dark delicateness in Angels and Lullaby’s, to the rousing and anthemic Hundred Liars, to the optimistic power ballad Another Day On Earth; they are all stunningly well crafted tracks showcasing a more mature side to Feeder’s talented songwriting. Overall, the album is a solid comeback from an immensely re-invigorated band.


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