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Filter – The Sun Comes Out Tonight

Laura Lloyd


With the support of a new record label behind them, Filter have returned following a long and hard road to put themselves back on the music map after the breakdown of the band. This was due to the frontman’s stint in rehab, resulting in the bands dramatic downfall after being one of the US’s leading acts in 2000.

The new album has the same familiar sounds as past albums which is a pleasing result for older and more dedicated fans, the only difference is this time they are teamed with more electronic sounds, especially on tracks such as Watch The Sun Come Out Tonight where it becomes clear how much of an influence modern musical technology has had on the record. Teaming electronic vocals with heavy guitars and a blaring drumbeat proves for a hugely nostalgic but somewhat modern track for listeners which gets the album off to a flying start.

It’s Got To Be Right Now and This Finger’s For You are two back to back heavy, rocking tracks which each boast catchy choruses and the hard/soft melodic alternations that are common place within the album. However, both tracks show two different sides to the band. Whilst It’s Got To Be Right Now is a heavy, punk-edge track which would guarantee to get any audience moshing and moving along to the heavy beat, the rebellious latter song is in fact a more groovy heavy number which again, throws the listener back to previous Filter songs.

There are softer songs within the album which prove to be hidden gems in the diversity of the tracks. The track Surprise opens with an acoustic guitar and a simple drumbeat, giving the listener a welcome break from the heavy sounds of the previous two tracks. The song is dreamy and generically about a girl. However, despite how familiar it sounds, the song emphasises the different stances that the band takes on music and portrays the range of skills they inherit to create such a variety of different sounding tracks in one album.

The Sun Comes Out Tonight is another listen-worthy album that Filter can add to their discography. It’s varied and diverse enough to please older fans as well as being experimented and modern enough to captivate newer fans into their music. The desire to experiment paid off for this band and resulted in all of the songs being well structured as well as showcasing the experience that the band has gained over the past 13 years in the music industry.