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The Five Worst Gig Behaviours

Emily Bruce


You know how it is. You’ve been looking forward to a show for what feels like forever – finally a chance to see the band you’ve loved for years. Yet the audience around you don’t seem to want to let you enjoy it – too wrapped up in their own lives, you wonder why they’re actually here at all, because they certainly don’t seem to be that keen on enjoying the music. Here’s a selection of just some of the worst gig behaviours ever…

1. Camera phones

Ah, the age of smartphones – great in some ways, not so much in others. Don’t get me wrong, a few snaps or a short video here and there at a gig is fine. But seriously, what is with the people that film and photograph the whole gig – usually with a terrible view? Why not just enjoy the show rather than record something you’ll probably never watch back on your phone? Let the others behind you enjoy it as well and let them have a view of the band rather than your phone.

2. Talking

If you want to have a chat, go to the pub. It’s as simple as that. Why bother to spend money on a gig if you’re just going to talk all the way through it? You clearly don’t want to be there, so leave and don’t ruin it for those that do. Or maybe just don’t buy a ticket in the first place?

3. Couples heavy petting

The age-old saying “get a room” definitely applies here. Seriously. There’s a time and a place for a make out session, and a moshpit most definitely isn’t it.

4. The heckler

Often a middle aged drunk guy talking about how much he’d love to “tap that”, if you’re watching a female artist, I’ve found. If you want to perv, do it at home on the internet, ta. I don’t want to hear it. But hecklers of all sorts are annoying. Go home people!

5. The drunk person that needs to go home

They fall into you, spill their pint down you, and don’t even notice they’ve done so. Argh! Go home. The worst thing is that often when you call these people out – politely! – they act affronted that you dared say anything despite the fact they’re the ones in the wrong. Infuriating doesn’t even come close…