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Four Year Strong – Go Down In History EP

Becci Stanley


Since the release of Rise Or Die Trying in 2007, Massachusetts band Four Year Strong’s success has been cemented as they continued to release solid albums for a number of years. Now, after a brief quiet period, they come back with Go Down In History, a five track EP hailing their roots and possibly even taking the title of the best thing they have written in seven years.

What’s in the Box is a perfect opener for such a nostalgic release as it is heavily reminiscent of Rise Or Die Trying’s intro track The Take Over in the respect that they both pack a lot of punch, as if Killswitch Engage discovered pop punk, with killer riffs, face-shredding vocals, powerful drums and wistful lyrics taking you right back to where these guys started.

Living Proof of a Stubborn Youth propels the release into modern days with a track that wouldn’t sound out of place on a The Story So Far or Neck Deep release with sunny hooks and an upbeat tempo full of positive vibes. Though it still maintains the gritty edge that Four Year Strong are known for with gravelly vocals and the complete breakdown of the song after a soft interlude as the track divulges into a dark and punky cacophony of screeching, bellowing and instruments down tuned to hell fighting for dominance.

Tread Lightly jumps straight back into the past with its heavily punk influenced simple yet punchy chords with a heavy influence on the bass and drum work pulled off effortlessly by this multi-talented band, before the title track Go Down In History kicks in grabbing you by the throat with atmospheric gang vocals, nifty breakdowns, motivational lyrics and enough vigor to knock you off your feet.

Closing track So You’re Saying There’s A Chance… rounds things off with a perfect, aggressive finish with unusually visceral lyrics accompanied perfectly by cutting guitars and gang vocals to burst the ear drums wide open. It is a perfect final release of pure, raw energy to leave the album on an effortless high.

It’s refreshing to see a band who have always produced quality releases continue to exceed all expectations and propel the pop punk and easy core genres into new, innovative grounds. Four Year Strong are back, and better than anyone could have anticipated.