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Foxes! – Foxes!

Nichola Eastwood


Today sees the release of Brighton based four piece Foxes! self titled debut album.  Husband and wife duo, Adam and Kayla Bell, team up with Alan Grice (bass and keyboard) and Matt Twaites (guitar and Keyboard) to produce a sound more sugary than a sweet shop.  It’s an album of infantile whimsy, charming but an acquired taste.

Aisle No. 3 is as soft and cuddly as a teddy bear.  Kayla’s childish vocals make a brief initial appearance accompanied by sparse electro.  It’s a short but unashamedly sweet start.  The Panda Bear Song, as you might possibly guess, doesn’t stray too far from this vein.  Kayla’s vocals remain at the fore accompanied by retro guitar and moody bass.  The nursery school vibe gets tiresome when we come to 6 O’ Clock.  It’s a track not unlike the lighter moments produced by The Cardigans.  Welcome To The Jivin’ goes some way to recover interest, setting in with a 40’s-esque jingle.  It’s a summery pop track completed with retro keyboard.

Oh Rosie adopts a sinister vibe, bringing Adam’s vocals to the fore.  It makes for a pleasant change and rescues the album from monotony.  Its rickety thump character is almost lovable, the highlight of the album.  Things take an interesting and unusual turn with It’s Ridiculous Adam, electro reminiscent of your old Nintendo is combined with Kayla’s delicate vocals to produce one of the weirder and more extreme moments of the record.  Who Killed Rob brings with it further lashings of electronic whimsy, followed by the quirkiness of Descartes.  Low key guitar nestles beside lyrics such as ‘my dog got anal cancer’, this is not an album centered on deep, thought provoking lyrics rather the go hand in hand with the band’s child infused sound.  Album closer Apples To Apples falls a bit flat next to its neighbours, it’s by no means a distinctive end.

This is a pure pop record, unashamedly cute and sugar coated.  It’s quirkiness though lovable, does become repetitive and irritating after a few tracks, sadly this is a flaw from which Foxes! never really recovers.  There are redeeming moments, the Nintendo-esque electro and Adam and Kayla’s vocals bring an intriguing bout of life the album could use more of.