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Franz Ferdinand – Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action

Kimberley Manderson


The Glaswegian four-piece are back with some new material after a break of what feels like forever (four and a half years to be exact!). New album Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action brings a return to form, as the charts prepare to welcome Franz Ferdinand back to their rightful place, with no-one quite able to fill their smart art-rock gap in the last few years.

The already released title track starts the album with a bang, with a fantastically Grange Hill sounding opening. It seems Alex Kapranos and co have not forgotten the art of creating a perfectly crafted hit, with driving guitar lines, intelligent lyrics and a catchy sing-along section. This continues into the charmingly Halloween-like Evil Eye, with some eerie and odd noises from the keyboard proving an intriguing listen.

Another track you may have already heard, Love Illumination, is a real highlight of the album, with the usual uptempo, rock n roll riff alongside dark lyrics and melody, complimented by a trademark breakdown. Whilst wholly the lyrics might not make a fantastic amount of sense, there is a guarantee that you won’t be able to stop singing ‘Sweet Love, Sweet Sweet Love’ for hours afterward.

The beautifully bizarre Fresh Strawberries – lyrics ‘we are fresh strawberries, a fresh burst of red strawberries’ leave a lot open to interpretation – is again another typical Franz Ferdinand track. Harking back to something far more retro and 60s, its easy-listening quality lets you drift calmly along to next track Bullet, which is totally contrasting. The opening gung-ho riff and loud drums will catch you completely by surprise in a good way. Definitely future single material, there are more weirdly wonderful lyrics, this time about a mouse which may or may not have sexual connotations, as well as delightful harmonies which again drive the chorus into your brain on the first listen.

Four albums and almost 10 years on, this latest effort is everything you’d expect from Franz Ferdinand in the way of melody, riff, structure and lyrics. They haven’t departed from the sound of 2004’s self-titled release or 2005’s You Could Have It So Much Better, and that’s no bad thing. In a world where indie bands of the last decade are constantly changing and evolving their sound in a bid to stay relevant, Right Thought’s Right Words Right Action shines, and proves that the sound that Franz Ferdinand have created stands the test of time.


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